The push to promote Dave Grohl’s AMA on Reddit was met with some unexpected hurdles, but the debacle will be seen as a guide for future AMA’s. Though the initial announcement was taking off of Reddit, Grohl’s AMA will be happening on February 8th. Get working on those questions. Via Hypebot:

I’m unclear on the current status of Dave Grohl’s announcement on Reddit but it is up and visible. It looks like you can keep up with further Dave Grohl Reddit news via his account (or a marketing equivalent) totallynotdavegrohl.

If you’re baffled by what’s going on at Reddit and you haven’t spent time on web forums with their often unstated but widely understood rules of behavior, then check out this post by Vincent Clarke titled “How to Promote Your Music on Reddit.” It’s a good intro to the complexities of this particularly insular forum-based subculture.

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