“A 1,000,000 volt keyboard??? This is absolutely a once in a lifetime musical experience and probably the most dangerous musical instrument ever created! I’m absolutely electrified and terrified by the opportunity to play a keyboard solo with so much energy, and to use this incredibly powerful device to send a musical surge through David’s brain! I just hope he can withstand my high-powered party piano playing!”

This Sunday night at 7:30PM that nightmare scenario, as described by Andrew W.K., will be taking place in Manhattan and streaming to the rest of the world. The event is part of a three-day ‘performance’ by David Blaine, who will be in a metal suit with a million volts of electricity around him for three days and three nights, during which he won’t sit, sleep, or eat. Said Blaine in a statement:

“The only limits that human beings truly have to face are the ones we impose on ourselves. If I can reach inside of myself and remove the boundaries that we learn as little children, then unlimited possibility exists in all of us.”

Sure thing, man. Bonus for those in New York: during the performance you can go down to Pier 54 and electrocute Blaine yourselves thanks to some computers set up by Intel, who is sponsoring the event.

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