David Brooks has a history of referencing popular musical culture in his milquetoast, right-clipped-wing columns — referencing Tyler, The Creator in a column on youth gone mad, wondering why people other than white Americans like Springsteen, P.L.U.R. — but the headline of yesterday’s column has to be the most baffling. It’s called “The D.C. Dubstep.”

Brooks rails on Obama’s maneuvering in the sequestration debate between red and blue politicians so hard he ended up appending an apology of sorts to the end. But as far as the title of the column goes, we can only assume he thinks “dubstep” is a dance move. Oh, and the central conceit of the column, as Gawker pointed out (with an amazing Brooks 'shop job to boot), is incorrect.

Take a look:

The above column was written in a mood of justified frustration over the fiscal idiocy that is about to envelop the nation. But in at least one respect I let my frustration get the better of me.

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