Say what you will about David Geffen, and many people have said many things about David Geffen, but the man is willing to put his almost insane wealth to good use. Geffen just donated $100 million –– which is probably a reasonable sum of money, even by the relative standards of David Geffen –– to UCLA‘s medical school for a scholarship fund. Via Billboard.Biz:

David Geffen, who was recently the subject of an extended profile by PBS for its “American Masters” series, will donate $100 million to UCLA‘s David Geffen School of Medicine, to fund 33 full-ride scholarships to the school for its most promising students.

With four-year tuition to the school, room and board, books and miscellany exceeding a cost of $300,000, the David Geffen Medical Scholarships will ease the burden on a fifth of the school’s yearly entrants and, the hope is, steer students towards educational tracks frequently avoided – such as primary care – because of their lower pay, relative to more specialized fields.

The fact that the school is named after him may give this away, but Geffen was already a pretty significant donor. In 2002, he donated $200 million to the school, making him the largest individual donor to a single campus in University of California history, and one of the biggest med school donors in the history of the United States.

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