DJ/producer/foam head enthusiast Deadmau5’s did a Q&A with Spin recently, and it will surprise absolutely no one to hear he called started throwing shots at everyone from DJ Pauly D to his own label, and said arguing with Madonna fans is like “farting against thunder.” Via Spin:

You Tweeted that you’re done with your label, Ultra Records. What’d they do?

They’re like your phone company: There’s always something to bitch about. They do good things from time to time, like give you phone service, but their goal is to make money. My big thing is when I upload a video, I say, “Listen, whoever puts an ad on this, I’ll fucking kill them.” But Ultra — and I don’t even know if they’re to blame — if you want me as a client, you’ve gotta put up with this. I just need everyone to know [putting ads on videos] isn’t my idea. And my contract is up with this record.

On Pauly D:

Do you have to put up with a lot of “Professional Griefers” in your life?

Yeah, but it’s fun, especially if it turns into a competition. Like with Pauly D. He came out with his [“Night of My Life”] video and asked, “What do you think?” I said, “Stop pandering. Engage your fans creatively.” I went as far as to say his fans aren’t stupid, which is fucking generous, and he replied with, “Oh, being hated on by Deadmau5 is priceless.” So that’s when I got mad. We’d already been working on the “Professional Griefers” video, and it later occurred to me, “God, I hope he doesn’t think I went into seven digits on this to show his little video up.” That would’ve been awesome, but it’s not what happened. I’m thinking he can’t be too butt-hurt about it. I mean, the kid’s still doing all right in his circle of fuck.

On Madonna:

You know you gave Madonna a pass for pandering to the EDM crowd with her MDMA references, right?

I should have been more relentless, but I thought it looked like I was after attention, and then it became an exercise in futility dealing with her fans. There’s no such thing as winning against 10 million idiots. You’re farting against thunder on that one.

Oh Deadmau5, you cantankerous weirdo. Never change, OK?

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