It’s all just an excuse to take yet another swing at Skrillex. Myspace:

We all know that dubstep is the hot thing right now, whether we like it or not. Just listen to any movie or video game trailer and you’ll hear the grating electro sound of the genre. So should we be surprised when a DJ like Deadmau5 claims he’s sold out by embracing the style?

Deadmau5 told CBC’s Q radio of dubstep, “It’s a conduit now for previously mainstream pop acts to use. I’ve only ever made one dubstep track and I will admit I only did it because it was cool at the time… I’m not a fan of dubstep but I figured ‘Okay, well I’m sure I can engineer something that’s palatable or on par with the whole Skrillex thing that everyone is into.’” So basically he’s saying he made a certain type of music because it’s popular and selling well. Fair enough.

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