Move over, Roc-A-Wear. It’s the new style! Billboard:

Deadmau5 is turning his attention from the laptop to the fashion world. The EDM DJ launched his first official clothing line with Neff Headwear today, July 25.

The jazzy and punk Neffmau5 collection includes co-branded tees, hats and hoodies. The signature line marks the first installment of a two-year creative collaboration between two of the most influential forces in their respective industries.

The line will feature a combination of Deadmau5’s iconic mau5head and Neff’s hallmark Suckerface design.

“I love the street and snowboard scene,” Deadmau5 said in a release. “The people involved are the people I see at my shows, so it made sense to hook up with a cool company like Neff to work on a collaboration. Plus it was easy to put ears on the Neff face for an instantly legit logo, right?”

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