Oh, Deadmau5. You’re never happy, are you? Are you gonna pick a fight with fellow Canucks Sum 41 next because they said the word ‘rave’ or something?

If you watch the video above, Michael BublĂ© is performing a song, and Deadmau5 is buried behind a banister in the second row, and thus didn’t receive a high-five from the weedingest lounge singer of the past few years. That really pissed him off. In an interview with Spinner, the geek god had this to say:

It was the Junos two years ago or last year, I can’t remember which because it was just so traumatizing. He was doing his little song and he does this walk by the audience doing the high five. Dude, I had the whole mouse head on and everything and I had my hand out and, I shit you not, the f—ker high fives everyone in the row, looks at me, does [makes a disgusted face] and it’s on like two different camera angles because it actually aired.

Yeahhhhhh, no. It took us about five times before we even saw dudemau5 in the background. And reconciliation isn’t on his mind, for the record:

Dude, I’m bound to run into him and I’ll be like ‘yo wassup’ and I’ll see what he does. ‘Cause if he does it again and sticks with his guns then I’ll respect him. If he high-fives me right then and there, then f—k him.

Yep, totally. Nothing whatever here!

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