Sometimes fans become so enthusiastic that they forget to honor the wishes of the people that they so fervently admire. The album leak is a classic example or in the case of newly-reformed electro rockers, Death From Above 1979, recording their new material after the band specifically asked them not to. The band announced via their website that they would be playing new material on their ongoing tour and asked the crowd to refrain from documenting the experience. Sort of a “what happens at a DFA1979 show, stays at a DFA1979 show” proposition. Via the band’s website:

… Together Jesse and I are coming to share new material, and to work out the kinks. Some songs don’t have any words yet. Some songs are like bucking rodeo horses that we can just barely hold on to. But one thing we are sure of is that the songs are sooooo fucking exciting.

So, we are asking that those of you that are coming to the shows respect the sanctity of what we are doing and to try your best to not shoot video or record audio. We are not banning your devices or asking anyone to enforce this, and we don’t want you guys to get into it with other audience members. In the end, do what you want, but it is our preference to keep what we are doing on this tour between us. Besides, we PROMISE you will have more fun if you just forget about everything and go bananas. Forget the future, forget that past. It’s you and us together tonight.


Of course, this was just a little too much to ask and videos of the performance are pouring in like Moses took a break from parting the Red Sea.

Oh well, DFA1979, it was worth a try.

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