Thirty-plus years after they started, English synthpop heroes Depeche Mode are working on a new album, which will be their 13th full-length release, and are planning a world tour. Guitarist, keyboardist and part-time singer Martin Gore made the announcement while promoting the new release from his side project VCMG. Via Exclaim:

Depeche Mode confirmed that the trip will be in support of a new album, so fans can expect the LP to arrive sometime around the start of the tour, which kicks off May 7 in Tel Aviv.

Apparently, the next album will feature 20 new songs and is a sonic sister to “Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion.” You can sample a snippet of an as-yet-unnamed track, a fittingly sleazy slice of electro-blues that has vocalist David Gahan preaching atop a bed of drumpad blips and doomy six-string licks, in the studio montage down below.

As of right now, only European and Asian tour dates have been announced, but apparently they will be playing in North America as well, assuming Dave Gahan doesn’t die again.

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