Via This Is Fake DIY, news of Bowie’s next single, called “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).” It will be released a week from Tuesday, on the 26th of February, as the Duke’s cryptic post sorta-explains.

Bowie’s new album, The Next Day, will be released on the following dates:

March 8
Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

March 11
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Latin America (ex-Mexico), Asia (ex-Japan), New Zealand

March 12
USA/Canada, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Italy, Poland

March 13
Japan (Includes fourth bonus track: God Bless The Girl)

March 15

The Next Day will be on these formats:

14-track standard download and CD
17-track deluxe download and CD (includes 3 bonus tracks)
17-track double vinyl album (includes 3 bonus tracks)
18-track Blu-Spec CD2 in Japan only (includes 4 bonus tracks)

And a tracklist for ya:

1. The Next Day 3:51
2. Dirty Boys 2:58
3. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 3:56
4. Love Is Lost 3:57
5. Where Are We Now? 4:08
6. Valentine’s Day 3:01
7. If You Can See Me 3:16
8. I’d Rather Be High 3:53
9. Boss Of Me 4:09
10. Dancing Out In Space 3:24
11. How Does The Grass Grow 4:33
12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire 3:30
13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die 4:41
14. Heat 4:25

Bonus tracks (Deluxe Version only):
15. So She 2:31
16. I’ll Take You There 2:44
17. Plan 2:34

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