Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, in what was undoubtedly a senior moment, may have just told the world that Rage Against the Machine are back in the studio. Butler was talking to Metal Insider about an upcoming North American tour, saying that they were figuring out who to use as a drummer since the band still hasn’t hugged things out with original drummer Bill Ward. Rage’s Brad Wilk was one of the two drummers they used on their upcoming LP. (Veteran metal session man Tommy Clufetos was the other.) Via The Guardian:

“We’re not sure yet [which drummer we will use],” Butler said. “We don’t know because I think Brad’s got commitments with Rage Against the Machine … It’ll probably be either Tommy or Brad, depending on their commitment.”

The interesting thing about that statement is that, as far as anyone knows, Rage have no commitments at the moment. The band has no scheduled concerts for 2013.

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