While nearly everyone describes the KLF’s infamous bonfire as a publicity stunt, JMR Higgs takes an alternative approach, but magic? Seriously? Via The Quietus:

Of course, nothing ever quite worked out as the duo planned. While the most sympathetic of biographers might have written the infamous incident off as an extravagant publicity stunt, author, designer and TV producer JMR Higgs decided to take an alternative, somewhat more opaque, view. In KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money, he uses it as the departure point on a wild romp through the career of one of the most subversive musical acts of the past few decades. His argument is that burning a million quid wasn’t a political or artistic statement, rather an invocation of chaos – a magical act inspired by the edicts of Dadaism and Discordianism that kindled the modern world into being. As this should make evident, this is not your typical rock biography. If you’re looking for a torpid hagiography full of Q Magazine clippings, linear chronologies and glossy colour photos, then why are you a KLF fan?

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