Dizzee Rascal was not-unjustifiably insulted when he was asked to be the voice of the monkey mascot for British breakfast cereal Coco Pops. Via NME:

Dizzee Rascal has revealed that he was asked to be the voice of the Coco Pops monkey. 

The rapper used his Twitter account to post a mocked-up picture of him striking the same pose as the breakfast cereal mascot, Coco, but insisted that he had always had his sights set on being the Milky Bar Kid instead – and also ended his post by using the hash tag – ’#Thisracismiskillingmeinside”.

You can argue whether or not the request was racist, but either way, it’s insulting. They essentially said “We need a voice for our shit-flinging mascot for childhood obesity and tooth decay, and your name was the first thing we came up with.”

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