Derek “DJ Derek” Morris – the UK’s famed reggae, dub DJ who has only gotten more popular with age – has announced his retirement at the age of 71. Born in Bristol, DJ Derek has been a fixture at Glastonbury, Bestival, and St. Paul’s Carnival and numerous college campuses. This coming New Year’s Eve will be his last gig. Via We Love Cool Beans:

Chris Arnold: Hey Derek! No time for chatter, we have an interview to do! Tell me, with an extremely impressive career spanning multiple decades in which you’ve played hundreds of different venues, you must have a few places you count as favourites?

Derek Morris: Well the main venue that I’ve stuck with over the years is the Notting Hill arts club, it’s my current and last residency. I decided to stop all the others as they started to restrict my ability to travel up and down the country. This NYE will be last gig I do there and will also be my last ever gig.

CA: Your last ever gig?! I heard rumours but I wasn’t aware it was confirmed!

DM: Well yes, in fact I was away travelling and gigging last weekend and when I returned I saw the story plastered over the Bristol evening post, someone had let the cat out of the bag! I then headlined St Paul’s Carnival which is where I live, and it was a very emotional evening. I have Harbour Festival coming up as well, that will be my last ever open air show and I’ll be playing at a home crowd in front of loads of people. I’m pretty sure that will choke me up, I’ve always opened it and I’ve seen so many artists come by, even James Brown did back in the day.

How do you say, “best of luck!” in patois?

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