Yes, DJ Harvey is known as one of the world’s preeminent DJs, but part of this reputation is due to his uncompromising respect for sound. Harvey is an audiophile who knows no bounds. He will go to any lengths to assure that partygoers leave his sets with glowing ears. Via DJ Mag:

Do you get obsessed about the sound at your gigs?

“I think it is really important to make an effort and try and get the best sound possible within the limitations that you have to deal with. It’s like, I try to have high quality new styli when I DJ out, if I DJ using digital files, I try to have high quality, high bit-rate files. It is quite difficult to get the message across if the sound is bad, if you can’t hear the lyrics to the song or if the mid range is screamingly painful — whatever it may be.
“I think it is the DJ’s job, the engineer’s job, the club’s job to aspire to be as good a sound as possible.”

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