With dance music becoming so popular internationally, there’s still a big elephant in the room: it’s fueled by drug use. Whether it’s MDMA, K, 2CB, or another one of those scary acronyms, people like to get loaded and dance the night away. Could the scene survive sans illicit substances? Via Meoko:

Hardly anybody is questioning their habits, and neither DJs nor event organizers or anyone else in the industry for that matter is trying to use their influential position to take a stand against drug (ab)use. With excesses being socially accepted, be it binge-drinking, taking uppers, downers, anti-depressants, or whichever medication suits our very needs, it’s a tough one to actually be the party pooper who speaks up and questions the procedure. As about 70 % of the population use some kind of drug, whether it be legal or illegal, there is hardly anybody left to speak up, too. So…

Here’s at least one case of drug use that no one is down for, well, except for the hundreds of bros watching.

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