The Daily Swarm:

The Strange Victory Touring Company is comprised of three agents, each with a different background in the music business. Derek Becker began booking bands at the youngish age of fourteen (an adolescent mind is necessary in this bizness!) with his own start-up agency, Satellite Booking, and worked most recently as an agent for The Windish Agency. Nicole Yalaz served (and occasionally “got served”) as a publicist for Drag City for five years, during which time she was also a part-time tour manager and booking agent for artists on the label. A touring musician since 2005, John Bohannon started the homegrown conglomerate Electric Temple in 2009 to release records and promote shows for his peers and poopers.

Derek, John and Nicole united under the common principle of the craftsman’s approach – the desire to do a job well for its own sake (pronounced SAH-KAY). The artists that Strange Victory Touring are passionate about are authentic, innovative, meaningful and unlame. The agency’s stated purpose is to help build sustainable and “eco-tolerant” careers for these artists. Their implied purpose, however, is much darker.

As for their credo? “We want to put an end to hunger,” they claim, “starting with ours. The line forms behind us, ‘Silver Jews’!”

Post Script: Strange Victory Touring is a partnership with Drag City Records. Like the artists they work with, Drag City has stayed in business without compromising its vision – or asking artists to compromise theirs. Unless it’s tax time. Or there is an overwhelming amount of cash or weed on or under the table. Or someone is topless. Or something is bottomless.

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