Drake has finally settled the lawsuit between he and his former girlfriend, Ericka Lee, over “Marvin’s Room.” Lee claimed that she co-authored the beloved cut off of Drake’s Take Care and sued the rapper for royalties. Lee’s voice was also featured on the track, asking Drake, “Are you drunk right now?” Via Exclaim:

As previously reported, Drake and Lee had allegedly been in a romantic relationship from 2010-2011, during which she assisted the rap star on the song. She had claimed that she co-authored the song when the suit was originally filed. Drake’s team had offered her a two per cent royalty, but Lee had asked for more. She also rejected the rapper’s offer of four to five percent with an additional $50,000 payout, presumably seeking out half of the royalties. Drake later responded that he looked forward to being “vindicated in court.”

The case was settled February, 2nd, though it is unclear if Drake’s gave up any money.

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