Now that electronic dance music has cemented its reputation as the next big thing that parents hate, Hollywood is ready to jump on the bandwagon. Superstar DJs are being tapped to contribute songs and score movies for an industry that prides itself on paying a team of specialists to know what is relevant. Via The New York Times:

Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny Moore, composed his score for “Spring Breakers” while on tour, using his laptop, much as he does for his albums. He said he watched early cuts of scenes from the movie before creating the score; his initial reaction to the film was that “it has a lot of tension, so there’s a lot of that mixed with the melody,” he said. He used live guitars and vocals performed by his girlfriend, the British pop singer Ellie Goulding, and he described the score — which he declined to play because he had not finished it — as a distilled version of his dance music, which took out all the upbeat parts, emphasizing melody, “leaving the pretty parts, leaving the sad parts.”

We usually like to sit back and relax when we go to the movies, but maybe we’re old fashioned. Either way, check out Skrillex bringing the noise at this year’s South By Southwest:

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