Let’s talk about raves! Huffington Post:

Over three nights in June, some 320,000 revelers endured bottleneck traffic to make a pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The crowds were as diverse as they were massive — ravers in neon tutus and furry boots, glasses-wearing college freshmen, bona fide adults — all headed to an electronic dance music festival which featured over 200 performers across stages that varied in size and genre.

It’s perfectly possible that you haven’t heard of Electric Daisy Carnival or Insomniac, the company that puts it on, but know this: EDC, as it’s known, is the biggest, most-pyrotechnically trigger-happy music festival in North America. Last year, the weekend pumped $136 million into the notoriously depressed Vegas economy. This year, a couple was married at the event as fireworks cracked through the hot desert sky above them. And the world has Pasquale Rotella to thank — or demonize — for it.

Rotella, 37, is Insomniac’s CEO, responsible not just for overseeing EDC but also the company’s other mega-popular dance party-cum-Coachella experiences (Nocturnal, Electric Forest, Beyond Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland and White Wonderland). He’s been doing it since 1993.

“We’ve been at the forefront of a lot of challenges that dance music has faced as a whole,” Rotella told Huffington. “Just like jazz and rock and roll and hip-hop had their struggles, dance music has its challenges. And we’ve been right there at the front line — investing a lot of time and money to try to get things to a point where it’s easier for people who are jumping in.”

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