In June of 2012, Emily White’s blog post on NPR sparked a debate over modern music ownership that even she could not have foreseen. Her full-blown admittance to file-sharing and her lack of sentimentality towards music lead many to label her as a symbol of why the current music market is broken. However, in a new follow-up White finally responds to her critics, declaring that it is not music consumers and their lack of morality that needs a shift, but the ancient industry in desperate need of a reality check. Via Billboard Biz:

I don’t regret how I’ve acquired music over the past 21 years because I simply wouldn’t be the person I am today without the music that sucker-punched me as a teenager. I never owned any music to begin with, because music owns me. And my attempt to share my experience with music has always been driven by a desire to see the musicians who created that music get compensated in a fair and realistic way.

She continues,

Traditionally, when people pay for music so much of that money goes to the cost of the container, experience, convenience or curation — but not the music itself. Huge amounts of money are still made around music, but little of that money makes it back to artists. It’s really time to start paying the creators instead of the containers.

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