Apparently nothing heals old wounds like Facebook and a nostalgia tour. The English Beat, who are still known in Europe as simply The Beat, and the band that forced them to change their name in North America, Paul Collins’ Beat, are hitting the road together for a North American tour. Here’s a quote from the press release:

“It’s the essence of power pop, which is wider than continents,” says Dave Wakeling, mastermind behind English Beat about the recently announced tour. “Short, sharp, catchy, exciting and memorable!” It’s the first time ever, and all thanks to a Facebook friendship,” says Wakeling. “Paul and I originally met back in ‘83 and have been in touch occasionally over the years, but recently we’ve been in closer FB contact, which led to this idea becoming a reality….Two beats, hearting as one!” 

To be fair, it was actually Paul Collins’ record label that sued The English Beat over the name. It doesn’t sound like Paul every really gave a shit.

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