Manager Peter Katsis had to cut short his honeymoon (or maybe he’s just never not working) to respond to Epic Records’ business affairs person over their response to the recent leak of the Death Grips album by the band itself. It should be fun to see ‘how’ the band decides to deliver the masters, but rest assured, execs are gonna have their hands full trying to keep the band in line for the duration of their record contract. This kind of thing had to be on someone’s mind over there (right?), which is why it all sounds a little contrived—internet hype conspiracy anyone? Oh, those crazy post post hip-hop/post punk/post electronic bands… (via Pigeons & Planes)

See the full email from the band’s Facebook page here.

Epic is extremely upset and disappointed that the artist decided to release an album without Epic’s knowledge or involvement. As you know, the artist has not only blatantly breached a number of provisions in the applicable recording agreement, it also has willfully infringed Epic’s copyright rights with respect to this issue.

please promptly provide the masters (which Epic owns) to us.

Remember, Katsis is the ”The Best Music Manager In The Business”.

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