From Rolling Stone:

“I’m dizzy,” Herb Alpert says of how he’s feeling about the 50th anniversary of A&M Records, the label he founded in 1962 with partner Jerry Moss (the “M” to Alpert’s “A”). “The closer I get, the farther it looks. The crazy part is how quickly it all goes…”

Alpert and Moss stayed on at the imprint until 1993, when they signed their final artist – a then-unknown talent named Sheryl Crow. Through each period, however, A&M’s modus operandi remained the same, according to Moss. “The whole idea was to make great records,” he says. “We pursued whatever it took to make our releases the most incredible.” Here, Alpert and Moss take us on a tour of 15 crucial albums that would shape not just A&M’s history, but that of pop culture as a whole.

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