Via Vice:

For the last 25 years, while you guys were buying Learjets and listening to Creed, Europe has been double dropping, reaching for the lasers and constantly asking strangers if they are “having a good night”. You thought this made all of us homosexual, existentialist drug addicts (which may be partly true) and for years you resisted the charms of Mitsis, Ministry Of Sound and the music of Paul Oakenfold. Your party scene was content with smashing “brewskis”, smoking “doobs” and blasting the music of Kid Rock and 2 Live Crew.

Recently, though, something’s changed. You’ve got some of the hoodest guys out there eulogising about MDMA in a way that would make a young Bez wonder if he was overdoing it a little on the pilled-up hyperbole. Trinidad James is always going on about “popping molly”, as is Danny Brown, as is Future. Lil Wayne got caught with enough of it on his tour bus a few years back to keep the whole of the Berlin Love Parade rushing for a few hours, and even that new Destiny’s Child track sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place at an all-day, early 90s Fantazia rave in Donnington.

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