When you think of buzzing Boston band, Passion Pit, you immediately think of Taco Bell, right? Well, if that association seems a little questionable just cue up Taco Bell’s latest commercial for their monumental Doritos Locos tacos. Fueled by fan-submitted Instagram photos and the band’s song, “Take a Walk,” from their upcoming second album, the commercial has some fans in love and other fans crying “sellout.” Michael Angelakos, lead singer of Passion Pit has finally spoken up in an attempt to clear the air, to which we say, dude, we’d love to listen, but listening to that song is making us hungry. Pavlov would be proud. Via KROQ:

“What does Taco Bell have to do with three of my family members struggling financially…I have no idea,” Angelakos continued, referencing the song’s bleak lyrical content. “But, it’s not about that. It’s not about promoting celebrities or giant corporations or anything like that. It’s just airtime…It’s an amazing opportunity. And, honestly, you take what you can get. I say no to about 90 percent of the offers, but we just want people to hear the music at the end of the day.”

Maybe they should take it a step further and change their name to “Passion Taco.” Check out the commercial below.

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