Captcha, the swirly gibberish meant to dissuade scalpers from buying three million tickets and freezing out the regular folks, is probably one of the most hated things on the Internet. The fact that it’s almost impossible to tell “I” from “l” or “1” means that the average Captcha transaction takes an average of three kicks at the can before you can make your purchase. Via NME:

Finally, after more than a decade of this nonsense, Ticketmaster has decide to deep six the world’s dumbest online security system.

While the typing phrases method hasn’t been completely ditched, the new version created by New York start-up Solve Media, will see users having to type phrases, such as “freezing temperatures”, rather than “tormentis harlory”.

Apparently the new system takes half as long to solve, and is already resulting in an uptick in customer satisfaction.

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