The Echo Nest, which provides the database backbone for services like Spotify, MOG, and MTV‘s Music Meter, unveiled a fun little web app where you type in artists you like and the app ignores all but one and tells you what sort of internet meme you are. The app serves as an introduction to the Echo Nest’s new API. From Music Machinery:

This week, The Echo Nest is releasing some new API features that make it easy for developers to build apps that take advantage of this listening data. One new API is Taste Profile Similarity. This API lets you take a seed taste profile (a taste profile is how The Echo Nest represents an individual’s music taste) and find other taste profiles that are similar to that seed. To demonstrate one type of application you can build with this new similarity API, we’ve created a web app called ”What’s your stereotype?” This application will look at your music taste (based on your Facebook likes, or your jams from This is my Jam), and tell you which Internet meme best fits your listening style.

Our reading gave us this horrific image, based on Carl Craig…

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