Like, pot is a drug, right? An illegal one? Still? Alas, we have this recent arrest of Fiona Apple proving that correct. From Pitchfork:

The cry “Free Fiona” has taken on new meaning. Cue the “Criminal” jokes, etc. This year’s favorite resurgent singer-songwriter, Fiona Apple, has been arrested for possession of hash… at a border stop. Apple is currently being held in a Hudspeth County jail…

TMZ, naturally, had the scoop and awesome mugshot (that is if mugshots are ever awesome):

It all went down in Sierra Blanca, TX—where stars like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer have all been arrested for drugs in the past.

But apparently, Apple didn’t learn from their mistakes… and when her bus was stopped for inspection, cops turned up the hash—a strong form of cannabis.

Cops say Apple was also in possession of a small amount of weed.

And now, like everyone else on the Interwebs, please cue the inevitable “Criminal” video…

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