The New York Times profiled friend of the Swarm and former music journalist Eric Demby and his business partner Jonathan Butler, together the co-founders of a successful mini-empire: the Brooklyn Flea. Take note, aspiring scribes!

Mr. Butler and Mr. Demby — whose friends jokingly call him Artisanal Eric — maintain a modest profile when observing their weekend markets with their children in tow. But during the week, the two are doggedly focused on moving beyond their borough’s over-the-top identity as the home of white truffle mayonnaise.

Now with a 3-month-old and a 3-year-old, Mr. Demby sounds almost wistful when he describes himself as a former club kid. Once a fact-checker for Rolling Stone, a journalist for MTV.com and a music activist working to reform the cabaret laws, Mr. Demby adjusted to civic life by writing two or three speeches a day (with jokes) for Mr. Markowitz and visiting every corner of the borough.

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