Invisible Oranges spoke with Louise Brown, the former Editor of Terrorizer who has just launched a new (print!) magazine intended for serious metal fans: Iron Fist. Inevitably, the question of ”Why?!” came up:

I found enough friends stupid enough to trust me with their life-savings and a publisher with experience in taking massive risks in a dying market and who knew the need for a good, authoritative heavy metal magazine, like the one I always yearned to make at Terrorizer.

I couldn’t have done it there; it would have killed it. Terrorizer is Terrorizer and should always be Terrorizer. It was wrong of me to try and steer it down a more traditional metal path, but now I have exactly the right vehicle to write about the bands that excite me. This is completely crazy and totally self-indulgent, but I’m so happy to be beavering away on this. It’s kept me sane. And if it doesn’t pan out? Who cares? I would have made a magazine that I’m 100 percent proud of and that’s incredible. I had a few amazing job offers when I left Terrorizer that I was still too frazzled to take, and I’m pretty sure I’ll regret that foolishness, but there’s always teaching…

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