While Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet’s role as DJ/Producer is an all-too-common title these days, not only has he been doing it longer than most, he’s also an outsider electronic artist that doesn’t distance himself from the music industry’s larger issues. Via The Quietus:

There is an enormous amount of music being released but I don’t understand why certain things pick up and others don’t. I feel there isn’t any particularly great kind of music media around; magazines are all really suffering and no one is getting paid. If you were a kid nowadays you wouldn’t be dreaming of being a music journalist. I think the thing that irritates me the most though is the way the major record labels still dominate the scene. For a moment everyone thought “oh, piracy is going to change things” but their response was to dig their heels even harder and dominate the market even more. They are controlling things in a very full-on way. I grew up in the nineties where there was a very strong D.I.Y. aesthetic and I really want to see that kind of behaviour encouraged more and more.


Watch Four Tet perform “Sing,” courtesy of Domino Records

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