This may be the funniest thing we’ve read in a while. Someone took the new Pitchfork review of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, which was reissued yesterday, and ran it through Google Translate five times, translating it into Japanese, then Hebrew, then Czech, then Japanese again, before turning the whole mess back into something approximating English. Then, just for fun, they tossed in some random British obscenities. As anyone who’s ever used Google Translate can imagine, the result is amazing. Via Collapse Board:

Billy Corgan is that it’s not a very good job in the last 10 years speaks for itself, I’m Gloria Pittacus Greek philosophers will, at best, more of his heritage. “Man is the measure of it is done by force” in 1995, the level of Smashing Pumpkins “, turn your back to the audience, was a form of almost all other bands:. Tosser. Pearl Jam, REM stagiest them, I absorbed most ironic Stage retreat logically from a light reflector of U2, the satisfaction of making music at least so far, Metallica discovered manicure is .. River Cuomo made his way to create a great times Pinkerton, of course, much smaller even levels surrendered life, Kurt Cobain, the eternal rival Steve Malkmus records Kogan taken or stone! Zowee Rowling, as evidence that sloppy stretch lines only “was released, just afraid to succeed. Tosser.

I think I got 10 Mid Valley, and infinite sadness, I understand and ridiculed by 2xCD Mellon Collie. Dickhead. Smashing Pumpkins, who appeared in Hullabalooza still not aware that many bands had a sense of humor. However, their reputation playing for laughs. However, it was found that grief is one of the most generous in the past decade and voice recording Mellon. Dickhead. Take it to himself, to record when he was a hard rock hero comes at this time, Smashing Pumpkins, that teenagers can love, for many people, it is essential that individuals. Dickhead.

New rule. We want someone to do this for EVERY Pitchfork review. It’s just too much fun.

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