Though the punk-inflected techno collective Sandwell District no longer operates as a record label, Function aka David Sumner, says that the bond between the trio remains tight. Sumner spoke to Defected about his new album, Incubation and the demise of Sandwell District. He states that as the label began to pick up steam, success became too restrictive. Rather than try to meet expectations, Sandwell District found the need to continue evolving, which meant ceasing to exist as a label. Via Defected:

“Over the last 12 months [of the label], Sandwell District grew legs and wasn’t what any of us wanted in the end. I think if it had continued then it would have died a death and impacted us all negatively” he reflects. “It was always meant to be something sporadic but as it grew, and people expected things from us all the time, then it became something potentially uncomfortable. Giving it a book end was the best idea and a real weight off our shoulders. The whole thing could have spun out of control if left alone.”

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