Is Burial’s new EP evidence of where the mysterious producer may go with his music in the future? We sure hope so. Aside from the fact that both “Truant” and “Rough Sleeper” are essentially several tracks rolled into one, this release something quite dynamic, something that Bevan has been building ever so slightly with each release. Via Splice Today:

This reveal allows us to frame where he has gone and is going with his releases. Truant/Rough Sleeper, like the Kindred EP that preceded it, clocks in at roughly twenty five minutes. It represents a sonic advancement of sorts. Gone are his dubstep influences, replaced by an increasing number of house elements. Where Kindred departed vastly from his pop-by-comparison collaborations with Four Tet, it was still thematically related to his Untrue LP. The vocal pitch sweeps were well added, in addition to trademark cinematic sounds of dropping gun shells and perpetual TV static. However, as Burial’s tracks have developed in length so too has his ability to develop narrative.

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