“With pandrogeny,” said P-Orridge, “we’re trying to strip away all the masks and reveal the inner self, the original person which is, of course, a designed hermaphrodite. It’s much more about neutralizing gender and glamour to reveal what’s underneath, the internal self.”

“Alien Brain is not as much about the concept of pandrogeny as Hell is Invisible, Heaven is Her/e was. Alien Brain is more relating to (Lady Jaye) Breyer P-Orridge. Intimate aspects had come out in the recording. The album is evidence of pandrogeny, rather than ‘about’ pandrogeny”

“Music should be about joy and pleasure. This version of PTV, all the band now, for the first time in my life, that we’ve just let go, that every second has to celebratory and joyful. Now I enjoy singing just for the sake of singing; it’s been really liberating. It’s all done with joy.”

“The album is also a statement of relaxation of the serious tone. We live in such dark times that joyful equals potent. Pleasure is a weapon. People are so concerned with fashion, and a PTV gig is a safety zone. The most common thing we hear is, “You guys look like you’re having so much fun.” We have a lot of joking and playfulness on stage, where we’ve allowed life and art to keep blending.”

“On the first anniversary of her death, November 9, a mutual friend, Ghost, did a tattoo of Lady Jaye’s face on my arm right above the psychic cross in white. Ghost said he got really inspired. Isn’t that nice?”

“So it’s ongoing, as far as the implications of what might happen next. I’m still grieving, but at least I’m able to keep creative. I’ve found pandrogeny an idea that seems like it’s the right time. There are art exhibitions about it. I’ve given lectures at Rutgers, Columbia and NYU. I gave a keynote at a gender studies symposium at Cornell. In Spain, Madrid’s national newspapers did a full page on pandrogeny. Lady Jaye is still as active as ever. As usual, the death of someone young is an inspiration to others.”

Watch Genesis discuss pandrogeny with Ian Svenonius on VBS‘s Soft Focus.

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