Really though? Spin:

Meanwhile, on Twitter — sigh — (singer Christopher) Owens was criticizing a new HBO show, much-discussed by New York media types, that follows the misadventures of aspiring young New York media types and happens to have the same name as his band. “Do you think that TV show even thought twice before using our band’s name for their show?” Owens typed. “I’ll bet they were just like ‘fuck it, fuck them.’”

The stringy-haired Girls singer’s full series of tweets — some of which have been helpfully re-posted by Hipster Runoff — was actually a rather thoughtful and quite reasonable, if perhaps overly sensitive, rumination on whether HBO would’ve named Lena Dunham’s show Girls if his own band were more culturally prominent. Who knows, right? Owens acknowledged that “Girls is obviously a word that cannot be owned by anyone,” though he still said “anyone that really respected us wouldn’t have used it.”

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