English Professor and music critic Marcus Boon has taken an in-depth survey of the Global Bass scene for Boing Boing, first stopping by its most common introduction, MIA and Diplo:

While commercially and artistically successful, MIA and Diplo have also been intensely criticized for the cultural theft of styles which do not belong to them, and for a vacuous political rhetoric which ultimately goes no further than a feelgood sentiment of opposition which fits neatly into the marketplace for all things alternative and independent.

From there, we’re off to Afrika Bambaataa and “Planet Rock”, DJ/Rupture and Mudd Up!, the Parisian Benjamin Lebrave and Akwaaba…

Lebrave recently moved to Accra, Ghana, from where he continues to issue new, licensed music, as well as writing a brilliant column, Lungu Lungu, for Fader. Sierra Leonean-American DJ and blogger Boima Tucker a.k.a. Chief Boima compiled a remarkable compilation of new Liberian hiphop for Akwaaba based on recent travels there. At the same time, Boima has been outspoken about what he calls “The Scramble for Vinyl”, a neo-colonialist crate digging culture that has young people from the North dividing the African continent up into fiefdoms of mostly retro vinyl spoils.

… and a bunch more. It’s well worth a read.

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