Daily Record:

GOOD CHARLOTTE may be hard rockers – but they’d love to collaborate with French dance duo Daft Punk.

Guitarist Benji Madden admits the band have turned down offers to work with dance producers such as man-of-the-moment David Guetta in recent years because they have a “cheap” sound.

But he reckons Daft Punk could bring a different dimension to Good Charlotte’s music.

He said: “We are open to working with other people and we would love to do something with the Daft Punk guys because they are legit.

“All of the records they make are on another level than any of the current pop stars or whatever. A lot of the other tracks around are kind of cheap.

“We’ve always played around with our sound a little and we’ve been approached by a lot of dance people.

“Names like David Guetta have been talked about – even before we switched labels and left Sony – but we stuck to our guns as we are in a rock band at the end of the day.

“I don’t want to diss anybody but I but definitely have respect for these guys and the time and energy they put in.”

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