Despite the RIAA’s displeasure at how Google is dealing with piracy-related links in their search results, the tech behemoth is planning to launch a music service in direct competition with the label-lauded Spotify and other music services.

The Financial Times reports:

It is expected that the streaming service will offer a subscription model as well as free unlimited access to songs, supported by advertising, mirroring models adopted by Spotify and Deezer.

Having a built-in user base, like Apple, is pretty useful (duh):

Ed Barton, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, said Google could install its music streaming product on its Nexus range of mobile handsets and tablets. It could also include its service in Android, its mobile operating system, as Apple does with iTunes on its iPhone.

But of course, most useful is the mind control:

“It will be another piece of the puzzle for understanding consumers,” said Christophe Cauvy, European head of digital at advertising agency JWT. “This will be very interesting for brands where purchases are emotionally or status driven.”

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