While many of us just see/saw this as another viral video with no apparent longevity or sustainability for the artist (see Youtube’s millions of videos sub-500 views as evidence) but obviously newly appointed Psy manager Scooter Braun thinks differently, and now the king of search himself sees something bright. Larry Page, no doubt known for his musical and cultural taste, spoke to a bunch of investors and not just to distract from the fact that his own stock was taking a beating. With 500 Million views, undeniably, Psy is gonna be around for a while, like it or not. via Billboard.biz

Page, in addressing Wall Street analysts on Thursday’s Google earnings conference call, pointed to “Gangnam Style” as an example of the future.

“Just flip a switch and get worldwide distribution, almost without doing any work,” Page said. “That’s how we see the future. YouTube is going to be available everywhere.”

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