Sounding like Sting has really paid off for this dude, huh? Good luck with that second single, buddy. SF Weekly:

There’s no doubt that Gotye is on a big rise: The video for “Somebody That I Used to Know,” the first single off the Australian pop artist’s latest album, is going gangbusters, racking up more than 121 million views on YouTube since it was posted last year.

Yesterday brought another indication of the singer’s exploding popularity: His long sold-out April 12 show at San Francisco’s Independent was moved to the much, much larger Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, increasing the potential size of the audience from 500 to 8,000.

“I’ve certainly never seen anything like this before,” says Allen Scott, executive vice president of Bay Area concert promoter Another Planet Entertainment, which is handling Gotye’s performance. “We’ve moved a show from the Independent to Mezzanine, or from Mezzanine to the Fox Theater, but certainly never from a 500-capacity venue to an 8,000-capacity venue.”

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