Steve Albini, master studio recordist (he was behind the board for classics from Nirvana, Jesus Lizard, Pixies, yadda yadda yadda) and musician in epoch-changing indie underground bands like Big Black and Shellac (who just celebrated their 20th anniversary) – has also been rocking food circles for a minute, thanks to the surprising ubiquity of his excellent cooking blog, MarioBataliVoice (we’re so old, we also remember his culinary musings in ‘90s fanzine Gourmandizer). Now, Albini’s co-sign of a meat rub invented by another indie mainstay and Albini pal, Tim Midyett – beloved for his contributions to bands like Silkworm and Bottomless Pit – has hit gourmet standard-bearer publication Bon Appétit! Albini proves as brutally eloquent describing the appeal of the Midyett Rub as he is about, say, snare sounds – his description actually makes our mouth water:

“How the combination heightens flavor is remarkable,” Albini says of his friend’s invention. “What’s amazing is how all the different elements don’t overlap. The coffee is bitter and smoky, while the black pepper is floral and hot; garlic powder adds a sulfurous, vegetal quality, and the sumac is sour, with a mineral overtone reminiscent of saffron.”

Full disclosure: we have tried the Midyett Rub, and it is delicious… And for your listening and eating enjoyment, enjoy the following performance of Shellac’s classic “Wingwalker,” in which Albini instructs on the ideal method to prepare potatoes:

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