The people behind Governors Ball are just as sad about the fact that Randalls Island is a muddy mess as the rest of us, and they promise they’re doing everything they can to help the environment bounce back.

We got an official response from the festival organizers after we posted about the problem:

The Governors Ball Music Festival is honored to call Randall’s Island Park home and is working closely with the New York City Department of Parks and the Randall’s Island Park Alliance to ensure it is in great condition for all New Yorkers to enjoy for the months and years to come. The Governors Ball aims to leave the Park in even better condition than it was before this year’s Festival, which was hit by record rains earlier this month.

Sodding work in the entire Harlem River event area will begin soon to the NYC Parks Department’s specifications, following preparation work that has been done over the past few weeks. That prep work also was delayed by additional rain this month. Work is being done to make the land more durable in the future, including the installation of a drain to combat over saturation of the field. Governors Ball is working with RIPA and Parks to upgrade some other areas in the event space that were not damaged in this event.

We’re glad to hear the proper steps are being taken to clean up and make the wonderful space even better than it was before. We can’t wait to see it green again, and will watch this story as it develops.

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