As well they should, although I’m calling bullshit on everybody who waited until the second album to get onboard. I’d sell my soul to the Illuminati for his hair genes, that’s for sure. GQ:

When we first meet our hero, he’s doubled over trying to sing, as his synth writhes beneath his outstretched hands. Twin Shadow is playing a pre-album warmup at Glasslands in Brooklyn. The new album, Confess, drops mid-July, and band leader-cum-mastermind George Lewis Jr. is doing his best to get a packed house of Brooklynites and Lower East Side moonlighters to move their feet to some new tracks and also corral his keyboard, being held aloft by “two sexy bitches.”

See, Lewis is pretty great at guitar, but he’s also sick of it, it’s too much to wield. Twin Shadow always blended slick synths and ripping ‘80s guitar riffs with a sharp yet low-fi aesthetic. Lewis thinks technology is where it’s at, and he wants to get in on the action. Besides, he hates that someone might be better than him at something.

The Glasslands stage is too crammed, but Lewis spots two girls right in the front. “This is what I wanted my whole life,” Lewis says, looking straight at them, “two sexy bitches to hold my keyboard. Wynne and I”—Wynne Bennett is Twin Shadow’s keyboardist and Lewis’s partner in crime for Confess —“have been talking about this for two years now. It was a bet. Now she owes me five thousand dollars.” It seems an unlikely life dream but, maybe. Lewis is naturally mischievous and has a reputation for enjoying women.

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