Grimes gave her entire hometown of Vancouver shit after she heard about plans to close the Waldorf Hotel, a hotel-turned-cultural complex that was home to clubs, performance venues and a recording studio. The hotel was recently sold to a real estate company, which has announced plans to shutter the Waldorf’s current operations later this month. Via NME:

“Wow Vancouver is so fucked if they shut down the Waldorf. Fuck this city. You’ve destroyed nearly every piece of culture that you had.”

Vancouver real estate prices are among the highest in North America, rivaling those found in Manhattan. The closing of cultural venues to make room for condo development has been an ongoing issue in the city.

A post on the petition Grimes linked to explains the severity of the situation; “The Waldorf Hotel is being forced to close due to the unexpected sale to condo developers. The loss of this cultural hub will greatly impact the Downtown Eastside. With the recent loss of many cultural institutions to condo and commercial development, the City of Vancouver is quickly losing the arts, culture and creative vibe that once dominated the city. With the loss of the Waldorf, The Ridge, Richard’s on Richards, W2, to name a few, the city is losing its heart and soul to condo development.”

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