Grooveshark is in some hot water thanks to the BPI, a trade organization in the U.K. that is looking to get the company blocked by U.K. ISPs. Though they’ve eluded previous rounds of blocking, it is rumored that Grooveshark is the primary target of the upcoming campaign. Via Hypebot:

Prelude to Blocking

As TorrentFreak explains, PPL sent out “fresh correspondence” for the BPI asking members if they’ve licensed “recorded music to the operators of the Grooveshark website in the UK.”

They’re asking for response by November 11 so, based on previous timelines, they may not complete this process till early next year.

The BPI said it’s all routine, nothing to worry about, though TorrentFreak describes the situation as “fairly obvious.”

TorrentFreak sought a response from Grooveshark “but in line with our requests for comment on similar topics in the past, the company failed to respond to our emails.”

In additional bad news for Grooveshark, their Director of International Sales was found murdered recently:

Though it’s not directly related to licensing issues, Grooveshark recently suffered a deep loss with the shooting and murder of Eddy Vasquez, Director of International Sales. In a statement the company said, “Grooveshark as a company mourns the tragic loss of one of its employees, Eddy D. Vasquez. Mr. Vasquez was visiting friends and family in the Tampa Bay area over the weekend when he fell victim to a senseless act of violence.”

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