Somehow school officials at Crawford Long Middle School in Atlanta decided that Gucci Mane was the perfect person to address their students at career day. Just so we’re clear, this is the man who has been arrested for murder, assault with a weapon, and battery. His lawyers once tried to claim he was mentally incompetent to stand trial. Via Complex:

Somehow, everyone agrees on one person: Gucci Mane. That’s right, the self-described Trap God was invited to Crawford to sit in and speak during career day, which just so happens to be going on today.

How do we know this? The person working his social media accounts has posted two greater-than-words photos of Mr. BRR! himself in the classroom. We can imagine that the topics of discussion include the art of bussin’ juugs, making the trap say “Aye!”, perfecting trap talk, and having a mouth full of gold.

That’s right kids, because rapper is a totally reasonable career goal, and felons are solid role models.

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