This is nothing short of incredible. A Guy Called Gerald and 808 State member Graham Massey, the guys responsible for “Pacific State” and “Voodoo Ray” are getting back together to do all-analogue live acid house jams, including a gig this weekend in London. Here’s an interview with them talking about how much they love Roland gear, among other things. Via Attack:

Attack: Can you start by explaining a bit of the background behind the Rebuild Live Acid Jam concept?

Graham Massey: You have to go back to the beginning of 808 State, which was formed in 1988 by me, Gerald and a guy called Martin Price. We were doing acid house in ’88, which was quite rare in the UK at that point. John Peel used to play our first album, Newbuild, quite a lot and we started getting exposure from things like that and doing early raves and warehouse parties.

Basically Aphex Twin’s label Rephlex really liked that first album and they reissued it as a triple vinyl package in about 1999. It was a bit of a lost album before they put it out again – original pressings were going for about 70 quid because I think we only pressed a thousand copies when we put it out.

Please, please let these guys do some North American shows. Please.

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